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Living with Grief

What does it really mean to live with grief? I should state very clearly from the beginning that living with grief does not mean, as some folk might hope, that we are ‘cured’, ‘over it’ or have ‘put it all behind’ us. It means that we have learned, usually with compassionate help, to have control […]

Reflections on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is another special celebratory day in our country’s social calendar. For many, it’s a time to give thanks to our fathers for helping to give us life, and if we are fortunate, for contributing to the creation of a safe and loving home that enables us to fulfil our potential. I am one […]

Grief, Trauma and Emotional Scars

An NCCG Blog By Dianne McKissock OAM Co-founder, National Centre for Childhood Grief June 2023 By the time we reach old age the scars on our bodies are evidence of a lived life. A kind of visual, physical history of genetics, activities, choices, accidents, surgery, misadventure and loving. But not all scars are visible – […]

When Mothers’ Day brings heartache instead of joy

Times of celebration usually bring joy, but if we’re among the rather large, unfortunate group whose hearts ache with grief following a family bereavement, those same occasions have the potential to intensify pain. Mothers’ Day tends to be one of them. As we prepare for this special Sunday in our society’s calendar, let’s pause and […]

Repartnering After Bereavement

In my large extended family, we could always count on at least one aunt to produce an annoying platitude about relationships. Anyone excited about announcing their engagement would be told “many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.” If the engagement took place relatively early in the relationship, joy would be dampened with the […]

Grief & Screen Addiction

For business and pleasure, screens have become central to our everyday existence. ​​ I know I’m dependent on screens for both functions, grateful that computer screens give me the freedom to work from home, send messages and receive responses quickly, to provide email support for bereaved or dying folk around Australia, and to write articles, books and […]

Mother’s Days – A Time For Celebration or Sorrow

When my daughter died 3 days before Mother’s Day, and only a couple of years after the death of my mother, a day of celebration became for me a day of sorrow. On that day each year the pain of grief feels raw again, and temporarily overrides the powerful antidote of treasured memories. On this […]

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