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Repartnering After Bereavement

In my large extended family, we could always count on at least one aunt to produce an annoying platitude about relationships. Anyone excited about announcing their engagement would be told “many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.” If the engagement took place relatively early in the relationship, joy would be dampened with the […]

Grief & Screen Addiction

For business and pleasure, screens have become central to our everyday existence. ​​ I know I’m dependent on screens for both functions, grateful that computer screens give me the freedom to work from home, send messages and receive responses quickly, to provide email support for bereaved or dying folk around Australia, and to write articles, books and […]

Mother’s Days – A Time For Celebration or Sorrow

When my daughter died 3 days before Mother’s Day, and only a couple of years after the death of my mother, a day of celebration became for me a day of sorrow. On that day each year the pain of grief feels raw again, and temporarily overrides the powerful antidote of treasured memories. On this […]

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