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The NCCG provides, through its programs, a safe environment where bereaved children and their families can be encouraged to share their experiences.

This process enables bereaved children to learn how to integrate grief into their everyday lives. The NCCG has developed and uses an internationally recognised therapeutic model and applies this model in ways that meet the needs of individual children and the group.

Access to our services is self-referral by calling 1300 654-556.

For more information on any of these programs please contact us.

Individual Counselling Icon

Individual Counselling

Counselling is one on one, face to face.
Free counselling provided for bereaved children and young people under age of 18.
Counselling also provided for bereaved adults, parents and caregivers ( fee involved for this service).
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Group Counselling

Ongoing groups for children, from 6 years of age, following the death of a parent. All children need to be seen individually at first and, if appropriate, may be offered the opportunity to participate in a support group.

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Parent Groups

These occur at the same time as children are attending their support group and focus on learning how to live with and be a supportive parent to a bereaved child, whilst also dealing with their own suffering.

Special Situations Icon

Special Situations

Children and families who have experienced traumatic deaths due to suicide, homicide or terrorism will be offered the most appropriate and effective counselling response for them, depending on their circumstances