Development Manager

AssocDipBus(Hosp) (BI), DipCouns (HI), Core Course in Bereavement Counselling (NCCG), BA (Anth) (MQ)

My professional background began in project administration and coordination within the engineering and telecommunication industries. A persistent curiosity into understanding people and overall wellbeing, led me to undertake studies in counselling and social science research, in particular anthropology. During this time, I also shifted occupational choices from being corporate sector focused, to working within therapeutic environments.

I am employed as the Development Manager at NCCG.  My role entails supporting the Clinical Director and the beautiful team of bereavement counsellors.  NCCG provides a service that I personally and professionally feel privileged to be able to support. I am grateful to be working in an environment that is meaningful, purposeful and supports others to find and learn new ways to navigate life.

I am a huge dog lover.  Puppies hold a very special and enormous place in my heart. My daughter and partner are very grateful that even this being the case, there is still plenty of room for them too…