Support Worker

BA(Psych) (UWS), PostGradDip(Psych) (UWS), Working with Bereaved Children (BCC), Support Worker Certificate – Bereaved Children (NCCG).

I currently work in Child Protection for Family and Community Services and have done so for a number of years in various locations and roles. I attended ‘A Friend’s Place’ as a young person after my dad died from a brain aneurism. Following this, I really wanted to contribute to NCCG and have volunteered since then. I have helped out at groups and with adventure weekends and love every minute of my time there. Both my mum and brother also attended ‘A Friend’s Place’ and have a lot of respect for the work that is done there. My work with ‘A Friend’s Place’ has taught me a lot and I am continually inspired by the children and young people, and their families, that go there! I currently live in Gladesville with my partner and our two cats! I enjoy refereeing football and futsal and have done this for a long time. I look forward to many more years of work with all the wonderful children, young people and parents at NCCG and enjoy learning from the other great staff and volunteers there.