Children’s Counsellor

RN (St Franciscus Hospital, The Netherlands / NSW), GradDipCounsPsycho (JNI), AppStud Working with Bereaved Children (NCCG); PACFA.

My name is Joke (English: Yokuh) and as the name suggests I have an international background. I was born and raised in The Netherlands and my husband’s work has taken us overseas since 1990. We lived in Germany, Singapore, and all together 12 years in Australia. Our two sons were also born in The Netherlands but raised internationally.

In 1977 I graduated to become a registered nurse and have practised in The Netherlands, Singapore and Australia. What I loved most in my 30 years of working as a nurse, was the interaction with patients and the difference I could make by providing them with the very best care I could give. In 2010 I felt the need to broaden my personal and professional horizon and decided to study counselling and psychotherapy. I thought my nursing experience and interest in people would provide me with a sound base for this change of career. I am so glad I took that decision, especially since after my graduation I got the opportunity to become involved with ‘A Friend’s Place’ where such wonderful work is done by helping children to cope with the death of someone they love. I hope to be doing this work for many more years to come.

In my free time I love to walk, ski, practice yoga and riding pillion with my husband on his motorbikes. Last but not least I am a passionate tennis and soccer fan.