Darren Percival has achieved an outstanding reputation in Australia as an accomplished entertainer, recording artist, musician, vocal coach and singer with natural talent, imagination and skill. His voice is warm and powerful and he consistently delivers astonishing performances in a variety of different settings. Audiences everywhere are mesmerized by his stage presence, his music and his charm.

25 years ago, in the middle of his artistically inspired high school days Darren studied piano, singing and acting at a performing arts center in his hometown, Sydney Australia. By the time he had graduated in 1989 Australian Jazz Icon James Morrison had discovered Darren and they began a decade of musical adventures.

Throughout his career Darren’s voice has featured on numerous recordings, jingles and voice-overs. He released several solo albums of original music, toured as a backing vocalist and is credited on many albums by well know Australian artists. He gained a reputation as the dynamic solo vocal looping artist around the music festival circuit since 2004 as Mr. Percival with his shows ‘Out Of The Loop’ and ‘Microphones’.

These days Darren is best known to audiences around the country for his phenomenal, soul-stirring performances on the first season of The Voice Australia, where he was coached by Keith Urban and became the 2012 runner up. His album ‘Happy Home’ debuted at number 3 on the ARIA chart and Darren went on to sell out his national tour.

Darren and his wife Amanda live with their two young children in Coolum on The Sunshine Coast and his love for cooking, painting and swimming continues to inspire him. Currently writing and recording his own music while touring with his band he has created singing programs for children and adults in an endeavor to change the way people think about being in a choir. Few artists paint with sound – Darren Percival is art for the ears…