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Picking Up Threads

Dianne McKissock


Doris is just 10 when her beloved mother dies suddenly from an aggressive brain tumour. Growing up in Sydney in the 1970s and 80s, Doris’ grief, is largely misunderstood or overlooked. Books become her refuge as she struggles to find her feet in her new motherless world.

Over time, Doris and her father create a different version of a sustaining family circle. The inclusion of new people, adds to the rich tapestry of Doris’ life as a young woman. However things begin to unravel when she is rocked by a series of traumatic events that threaten the vulnerable foundation on which her adult life has been built.

When skilled theapist, Alice, becomes part of her support team, Doris learns how to regain control of her life. Alice’s compassionate understanding and skilful questioning enable Doris to retrace significant steps in her life, picking up loose threads and repairing frayed ends, memories of her mother the strong links that bind key elements of her life together.